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uTorrent Kills All Other Network Activity


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If uTorrent is open it kills all other network traffic. I uninstall utorrent and I can browse with no issues. Below are the specs.


Windows 7 64 bit

uTorrent 3.0


Have the firewall configured to allow utorrent


Windows 8 dev/Win 7

utorrent 3.0

I can browse and download torrents with the laptop on the same wireless network.

***What I have done thus far

I have adjusted my bandwidth preferences in uTorrent

Uninstalled MSE

Tried to browse with different browsers

Turned off the firewall

changed network adapter

put modem/router combo from bright house into bridge mode and replaced with Cisco L1000 (I think)

Changed DNS settings on the network card


I am tired of reading old post and asking around. If someone can help me pinpoint this issue I would greatly appreciate it. It is very disappointing that I can not run uTorrent on my fairly expensive desktop. I should not have to do all this to get a program to run on my computer. I have used utorrent for 4 years but I am prepared to try a new client if this cant be fixed.

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I have already jumped through all those hoops. I am tired of reading through old threads and faqs. I created an account to get specific answers in regards to this issue. I can respond to specific questions if you have them but please do not post a link to a thread I have already read.

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