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Central Managment Multiple computers


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Hi there,

First time poster so please be gentle, apologies if this is in the wrong section or has been asked before i couldn't find using the search function.

My situation is i am looking to distribute large amounts of data 200GB+ over a LAN to over a 100 laptops.

So my question is, is there away to centrally manage multiple PC's running utorrent? i would be looking to start, stop and remove torrents. also potentially add labels to the torrents.

is there away to run utorrent from a uncpath so that a centralized set of settings are used, or are all settings saved in every users directory?

now i know you can setup the webUI etc but the issue with this is that there are over 100 PCs that will need administering. i am looking for a control center as such.

Also is there away to automatically add labels to torrents? i have seen this in the feature request but do not know if it is implemented.

thanks in advance


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Honestly, I think portable mode *may* help you here, or at least get you moving in the right direction.

If uT does in fact support being loaded / ran via UNC, then you're left with 3 tasks left:

Configure each laptop to load uT automatically

Configure the "Automatically load .torrents from:" in Preferences -> Directories

Configure the rest of the directories in the above tab.

This may do what you want, but here's some things to look out for (just off the top of my head):

Your users. They may shutdown uT - may need som way to run it as a service, or at least hide the fact that it's running.

Loading it on startup - may be accomplished via registry - potentially one key imported to all laptops

Downloads location has to be one place on all laptops (which I'm guessing won't actually be a problem as long as the location is exactly the same on all laptops)

Networking - 2 or 3 uT nodes could saturate a 1Gbps link - either implement some kind of QoS on the switches or configure uT to run throttled back OR do this off the normal network (throttled uT may be the best option)

Management - if ALL uT nodes are running off 1 shared location then all nodes are basically "managers" - meaning a change to 1 is a change to all - which in a controlled environment should pose as no problem, but if users are actively using their laptops ... all it takes is 1 to "try something" and it will shoot your plan to hell.

This sounds rather exciting though, if you pull it off can you keep this thread updated, as I'd love to hear about your progress!

Good luck!

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A quick update from my own testing: having 2 uT clients accessing a shared folder for automatically loading .torrents doesn't work - whichever client notices the .torrent file first steals the .torrent file when a directory to store .torrent files is also set.

Will test without that setting in a bit and see what happens.

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