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relocate problem with utorrent 3.0


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I posted in someone else's thread in bug reports that seemed to have a similar problem to mine but it seems like its dead in there so I figured I might as well try here.

I recently got a new pc so I had to redownload utorrent on my new pc and redownload all my old torrents to seed. I had previously been using the older utorrent 2 version and did not update. With my new pc, I had to get utorrent 3.0 as that is the only version available now. The problem aries for me when I go to relocate my files to seed. I would select all the files and choose relocate but instead of the address path being X:\folder\torrentfolder\filename it becomes instead X:\folder\torrentfolder\partial torrent filename\filename so when I recheck, it always fails.

Trying it on individual files it works like it did in utorrent 2 but I can't for the life of me figure out why it does that when selecting multiple files to relocate. I've downloaded a lot of torrents in my time and still have many that I archive to seed and such and having to relocated individual files one by one is very much a painstaking task.

Also I have speed issues as well using utorrent 3. I regularly had speeds of 1.5+ mbps when downloading with utorrent 2 but now that I'm on utorrent 3.0 I range between 100 - 300 kbps. But anyways, that's a different matter.

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