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Why won't torrents seed?


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I am using version 3.0. After updating from 2.2.1, thinking it would help.

Anyway, my torrents won't seed. I have port forwarding setup, I checked using the utorrent feature and also another website to confirm. My internal IP is correct in my router. I am using DD-WRT firmware with my linksys wtr router. I turned windows firewall OFF and running utorrent as administrator.

Error logging:

[2011-09-27 22:03:25] 195.241.181.xxx45682(torrent name): Connecting: source: T

[2011-09-27 22:03:27] 67.52.125.xx:12751 [uTP](torrent name): [µTorrent/ (0.0)]: Encrypted handshake completed

[2011-09-27 22:03:27] Extension: ipv4:[67.52.125.xx] for 'torrent name'

[2011-09-27 22:03:27] 67.52.125.xx:12751 [uTP](torrent name): [µTorrent 2.2.1 (14.0)]: Disconnect: Not downloading

[2011-09-27 22:03:41] 68.1.169.xxx:44087(torrent name): [libTorrent/ (0.0)]: Encrypted handshake completed

[2011-09-27 22:03:41] 68.1.169.xxx:44087(torrent name): [libTorrent 0.12.6 (100.0)]: Disconnect: Is seed

I don't know what else to do here.

(added x's in IPs to protect privacy)

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