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Uploads are eating up my bandwidth limit


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Greetings everyone!

I shall get right to the point. Before yesterday, I had a high speed connection rated at around 5MBPS for download and 500k upload. I had unlimited download/upload limits with my ISP. Now, I have changed for the fibre optic and I am now getting 25 MBPS for download and 7 MBPS for upload. I am now limited to 220 GB per month. After having done the utorrent tests, this is what they have given me as options:


Problem is, the uploads are taking everything from my ISP set limits. If I try to change anything related to the uploading limits, I'm barely getting any speed for my downloads. I'm already at like 50 gb for one day and I barely downloaded 10 and most of the torrents are not even completed yet! Is there any way to do something about all this? I am seriously thinking about switching for the first time, to Megauploads, Rapidshare or the likes of these. Please help me out. Thank you.

Best regards,


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