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Where is the catalan translation???


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I just downloaded uTorrent from www.softCATALA.org

Yeah, I go there for download software in catalan language. I downloaded the 3.0 version (I guess it's the last one).

The installation was in english but it had catalan language option, even I saw "valencian language" (a catalan dialect, no a real language). I choosed catalan, installed and after install everything continues in english... I see a video in english language that I don't understand (no subtitles -_- ).

I went to options, preferences, language.... I see basque, galician, gaeilge and many languages but I don't find catalan or valencian (the same finally).

So... What happened? Where is the catalan translation? I trust Softcatala.org and I doubt this translation never existed, but I can't find it now.

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