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Upload speed issue


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I linked a screenshot of my issue from zshare as reccomended elsewhere in the forum, I have had this torrent for days and my download speed has been terrible so that my share percentage was astronomical. At one point i shared over 300% more than i downloaded so to give my system a break I wanted to drop my upload rate to 50kb/s. Well i did and one person on my peers list continued to get 500kb/s so I continued to drop it incrementally to see the effects of this persons speed from me. Finally after changing it one step lower and waiting 2 minutes at each step i finally made it to 1kb/s and the persons speed finally dropped from 500kb/s to around 390kb/s and the bar showed a much lower 270kb/s on top.

I continued to watch for a few more minutes as this person's rate continued to hold at this and decided to screenshot create and account and report the issue, I am currently running the newest version of uTorrent as i upgrade every given chance. Why is this happening and how can i stop it from occurring more often?

screenie.jpg - 0.16MB

I have also had the issue I saw in other posts about closing uTorrent then going to open it later only to find it says it is still running, though i can always kill it in task manager. This is not really a problem just an annoyance. Sorry for the long post. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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