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*Remote uTorrent App Android Error: Files not pushing to mobile. HELP*


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Hi, I have just installed the Remote uTorrent App for Android.

I am running:

uTorrent 3.0.25683 for PC

Windows Vista Home SP2

uTorrent Remote 0.2r1314835200 for Android

Android 2.3.4 on Droid 3

I am able to login to both the app and the web browser remote, as well as download torrents remotely without any problems. The problem is when I go to shift a file from my PC to my mobile device. I click the button next to a file, a downloading bar along with the message "Downloading x.file" appears VERY briefly (regardless of file size). It then says "Saved x.file".

Problem: After "downloading" a file to my mobile device, when I attempt to click the play icon next to the file, it says "Warning: Failed to start viewer." This is REGARDLESS of the file type I try to play (supported or non). ALSO, when I go to locate the file in \sdcard\uTorrentDownloads\files\, the file is not there and the directory is empty.

What do? Can someone help me? It appears that they aren't downloading to my device.

Thank you in advance.

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