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LAN Transfer feature


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Yes, yes with a properly configured network this is a moot request. However some basic feature to be able to send or get files from a computer on a LAN running µTorrent would be grand.

Specific implementation isn't as important as just the ability to do it with the exception of MAYBE interacting with zipped formats and extracting a file?

This could be web based maybe, so for example, I use remote.utorrent.com to connect to my seed box five feet away. Maybe even make a LAN version of remote.utorrent.com that I can connect to if I know the right port and IP/computer name where µTorrent is running.

It's recognized that both computers are on the same LAN and negotiates my ability to select an option to "copy file to x" where x can be a pre-configured transfer location or allowing me to choose but the transfer does NOT happen over the internet but of course, the LAN.

A basic quasi-file browser pretty much but baked into µTorrent. Useful for when a network is on the fritz or you're not a part of a network where you can easily share files and there's no NAS available for example.

I didn't extensively search, so maybe it has, but I'm surprised this hasn't been suggested before.

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