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utserver.conf directories not working?


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I have been having problems with utserver not using my settings for default directories (I'm probably doing something wrong)

dir_root: "/media/video/"
dir_active: "/downloading/"
dir_completed: "/library"
dir_torrent_files: "/tor/"
dir_temp_files: "/downloading/temp/"
dir_autoload: "/tor/add/"

note: the root directory is working fine, but whenever i load up the webui the directories are blank, and yes i have tried deleting settings.dat and settings.dat.old/.new

thanks for any help!

edit: actually it seems like its no longer using the correct root directory... i have no idea what i've screwed up

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redid my config file and everything seems to be working now. i think it may have been related to the webui version i was using (i found a newer less stable version and don't remember why/if i needed it) and i replaced it with the old one again.

regardless of whatever the problem was thank you for your help!

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it is without quotes

#This is the folder/dir that all completed downloads will be located in

dir_completed: /media/video/library

#This is the folder that all your torrent files will be stored in

dir_torrent_files: /media/video/tor

#This is the folder/dir that torrent files will be recognized and auto-loaded. If left empty, auto-load is disabled.

dir_autoload: /media/video/tor/add

#This is the folder/dir that temp files will be stored in during transfers for hash info and data

dir_temp_files: /media/video/download/temp

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