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Unable to seed when using the embedded tracker

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I am trying to use the embedded tracker to send a large file to a friend.

Initially, with the embedded tracker turned on, no one is able to connect to the tracker. I then turned on the webUI and disabled the alternative port for the webUI.

Sent friend the torrent, and we can both connect to the embedded tracker on my end. Both ends show the tracker as "Working" with the green tick in the status bar. Ports are also forwarded correctly.

I can see that there is 1 seed and 1 peer here. The friend sees the same thing. However, the problem seems to be that the 2 clients never connect, although they see each other.

Are there any solutions to fixing this? This feature seems to be somewhat buggy in 3.0, as I was able to get this working in 2.2 a while ago without having to turn on the WebUI.

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