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uTorrent causing miniature lag spikes while gaming


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I just recently noticed that uTorrent is starting to cause little mini lag spikes while I am gaming, and it is only apparent while uTorrent is running downloading/seeding torrents. Once I stop the torrents, the mini lag spikes disappear.

This issue does not affect web browsing in any way.

This issue only happens with uTorrent, as I have tested with other clients on both Windows and Ubuntu Linux.

I am running Windows 8 Developer Preview x64 with latest stable uTorrent. uTorrent was working fine on Windows 8, but since yesterday has started acting up.

My latency graph in a game, for example, UrbanTerror would look something like this while playing with uTorrent downloading:


Where the little bumps would be the spikes, and they instantly disappear once uTorrent downloads are stopped.

Max connections: 500

Per torrent: 100

Upload slots: 5

Max download: 1000kb/s (15Mbit/s down ~1.9MB/s)

Max upload: 120kb/s (2Mbit/s up ~220kb/s)

uTorrent is granted full permissions in Windows Firewall both IN and OUT.

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