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Getting an error message..."Error: Access is denied"


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I am new to utorrent and downloading in general so I could use some help please.

I have looked around the forum and cannot find a solution to the error message I am receiving: "Error: Access is denied".

I have checked a few things on my Norton antivrus as well as made a few adjustments according to what I have found in the forums. However I am still getting the message.

Could someone tell me what might be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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. . .Are you Downloading?Uploading or Force Rechecking?

Anyway I think it is not about your ANTI-VIRUS. . .it can be from your drives either from(Internal or External)

Drives. . .Try these first RUN Command Prompt(AKA "CMD")

Then type CHKDSK Then the letter of your drive for example CHKDSK X:

That will locate bad sectors and recover readable information. . .to auto fix these errors type these instead CHKDSK X: /F It will automatically fix errors for you. . .

In short open CMD type CHKDSK X: /F

X: Can be any letter it depends on your drive letter

Cheers ^^

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Thank you for responding.

To 'hackimist'.....I have tried to do what you said but it says "Access Denied as you do not have sufficient privileges.....You have to invoke this utility running in elevated mode."

To 'DreadWingKnight'....No I didn't check the security properties but have done now that you mention it. Firstly, it seems that I am unable to make any changes and, secondly, I have no idea what the setting SHOULD be and hence wouldn't want to make changes anyway.

I hope you guys can offer some more help.

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