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utorrent strange behaviour - torrents go faster when app restarted


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Hello all,

I am getting a strange problem with utorrent. Lets say I'm downloading a single torrent and I have 5 more in the queue. All healthy torrents so they should be downloading at full speed. My downloading torrent finishes, and the next in the queue starts. The download speed plummets. Before I was getting around 300kbps, now its going at 0.9. No connection problems, no changes to my settings, just terrible speed. So I close utorrent and restart it, and the download speed now returns to 300kbps. This torrent completely downloads and number 3 in the queue starts. Download speed drops to <1kbps again. So I restart utorrent and the speed returns to normal again, like clockwork. If I force start all the torrents in the queue, each one struggles to get over 1kbps, even if I restart utorrent. Basically I'm stuck downloading one torrent at a time, and I have to restart utorrent every time one of them finishes or the next one wont download at full speed. I have tried changing every utorrent and router setting possible but get no joy. The fact that it predictably downloads at full speed after a restart makes me think this is an application problem rather than a configuration issue. It is very strange!

Anyone got any ideas what the problem could be?

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