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3.0/3.1 Alpha - CPU usage stucks at 100%...


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...when selecting individual files (choosing priority) in big torrents.

It's so hard to explain, but I'll try:

So I add a Torrent with 5 4GB+ files, selecting none files to download in Download Dialog. Then I choose a file(s) I need in Files tab, selecting priority. Normally CPU usage spikes for a short time and "part" file is created. But with ver. 3, it stays at 100%, sometimes showing "Disk Overloaded", when HDD LED isn't even blinking, DL/UP stops and you have to kill UT in Task Manager.

IF however, you select files in Download Dialog, when you add torrent the first time - it works fine, until you select another file in Files tab.

I just don't get it, it doesn't make any sense. Deleting settings doesn't help.

WinXP SP3, P4 GHz.

2.2.1 works fine.

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I just checked this on a completely different system (Win7 64bit, Athlon II X3) and the bug is there!

How something like this can slip unnoticed?

CPU usage is about 50% on all 3 cores. And exiting uTorrent, leaves it stuck on Task Manager, eating the CPU, doing hell knows what (stuck in a loop or something).

Let me try to explain how to reproduce the bug:

1. Open Task Manager to monitor CPU usage.

2. Find a big torrent, with multiple files in it. At least one of them must be larger than 4GB (important).

3. When adding torrent, select no files (Select None) in Download Dialog.

4. On files Tab select file (any priority), smaller that 4GB - notice a short spike in CPU usage and no further problems. This step is not important, it just shows, that smaller that 4GB files don't trigger the bug .

5. Select a file, which is larger than 4GB - it should trigger the bug.

It will download for a short period of time, then "Disk Overloaded" will pop up (but no actual HDD usage), download will stop and the file will not be created in download dir.

I checked this with different torrents.

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I have a similar same problem and this bug has started recently (but can't remember how many utorrent updates before).

For me at least the problem appears when I just start utorrent (even more when downloading) and when closing it, the task is still in the process list eating up at least 50% of cpu.

It doesn't seem a problem with the avguard as I have disabled the check of the process as also the parent folder.

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See http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=106396

Exactly what your issues is

This has caused me to use 2.04 for my servers. until its fixed, any upgrades are not possible, and I desperately need the V3 features :-/

Been watching the "Known Bugs" area, nothing added yet, and its been 5 days.

Thought a bug this huge would be placed on there quickly ....:(

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We can all pretty much see that it's looking like a known bug (as the amount of users having it is quite big), but I stick to the 3rd version (and latest) as I don't find it critical for me (downloading mostly series not available in my country and the bug is annoying me for as long I download, even if it appears when uploading too).

At first I though that was the encryption, as I always have it enabled or enforced, so I disable it, but it wasn't the source of the problem. Now, Ι may think that it's the version of the OS (64bit), but cannot be sure enough if not tested. :/

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True, however, sofar, from all the simular responses to peoples queries:

Check HDD

Post Hijack this, n , that

disable "insert program here"

Everything but confirm the bug :-/

Till then, its our "imagination" till the dev "gods" say its a confirmed bug.

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