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Moving Torrents


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RE: Mac

I'm moving my torrents to a dedicated laptop. I've copied over all torrents and snatches (torrents now have .imported extension). I've also copied over LIBRARY > APPLICATION SUPPORT > UTORRENT.

When I open uTorrent, the files are there but inactive -- small gray dot in front; they say "Stopped." When I "Force Re-Check," uTorrent says "Checked 0.0%" then immediately turns to "Stopped."

I can FILE > OPEN TORRENT and the file downloads then seeds -- but it counts toward ratio. And with over 1,000 torrents that's not possible. I can also "Start" each torrent and it begins to download, but again, it counts toward ratio.

So how do I get the torrents into uTorrent and seeding without re-downloading each one?


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