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uTorrent 2.2 - port forwarding issue on Windows 7

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I've been using uTorrent for about 5 years now... Never had any problems, up until now. I'm on a new computer - using Windows 7 and a totally different ISP.

After reading all the FAQs posted up here, following many tipsdirections, there's still a particular problem I can't resolve and would require your help.

Just recently I've set up a static IP. Managed to get a "green light" in uTorrent. Forwarded one port at my router's settings, but to no avail.

When I run setup guide in uTorrent the message I get in the logger is as follows:

Checking for forwarded port.

Port forward test complete. Results: Port not open.

Checking auto portmap configuration ...

Results: Port is open. Your network is configured properly.

My question is - how do I properly forward this port?

Thanks in advance.


PS. My guess is this is because of Windows 7, but like I said - your help would be much appreciated.

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I would start by reinstalling Utorrent. I had a similar problem happen. As well when the install asks if it can automaticlly open the port in your windows firewall, ensure you say YES.

Question, I will assume you are using the Windows Win7 firewall. If not, please report. As well, what happens if you disable the Windows Firewall ? Does this fix the problem. Try running without the Windows firewall for a while and see if that helps.

Sometimes, you just need to wait a while and see if it starts connecting well again.

Utorrent 2.2 is really stable and I like it. It's a proven version of Utorrent.


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