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Filling up empty uTorrent 1.5.9


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I've moved my torrents to another computer. I've just downloaded Mac uTorrent 1.5.9. It's now sitting empty. Torrents are in the Downloads folder (no ".imported" extensions). Snatches are in Snatches folder inside Downloads folder. Nothing is in APPLICATION SUPPORT > uTORRENT.

The question is -- How do I get the torrents into uTorrent without them downloading and destroying ratio? Should be simple, right? Been trying for 2 days. Maybe someone can tell it to me like I was a 5 year-old.

Below is a pic from 1.5.9 uTorrent Preferences. Exactly how do I fill this out?


Thank you.

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First, please check Automatically load .torrents from: [Directory] option,

!!! select your directory (where the links to torrent files are located).!!!

Please check that items ASSOCIATED TO THE LINKS that are already downloaded (you want to seed them) are located in DOWNLOADS folder.

The client will add the links to torrent files automatically, then it will understand that you already downloaded the file and will start to seed it.

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