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Multiple tracker and peer selection


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Hi. I'm a developer of rather big bittorrent tracker. No we want insert retracker.local tracker into our torrents for those users who are behind NAT. So their providers can create a retracker on retracker.local domain and perform their users "gray" IPs.

Another way is using BitTorrent Local Tracker Discovery Protocol. Is uTorrent fully compatible with this BEP?

As written in BEPs tracker return 35 randomly peers for announce request. If there is one tracker - no problem. But if there is more than one trackers - the question is how peer selection algorithm works? How uTorrent selects peers? Is there any effect in trackers order in "announce-list"?

Can you describe it please? It's very important for us.

Regards, Alexey.

PS. Sorry for my English.

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From http://bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0001.html#bep-types :

BEP Work Flow

The BEP editors assign BEP numbers and change their status. The current BEP editors are David Harrison and Arvid Norberg. Please send all BEP-related email to <editor@bittorrent.org>. Also see BEP Editor Responsibilities & Workflow below.

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