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downloads cut out after 5-10MB


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Hi Guys

Ive been using UT for a couple of years now with no real problems. (now on UT 3.0)

Ive got about 20 dvd torrent listed to download although I only have one active at a time.

The last week or so Ive encounted a problem.

These torrents have only 1-3 peers each so I expect it will take a while to download each file.

The problem is that when I set any of the files to download, it starts OK, but after 1-5MB, although there are plenty of requests being sent, it stops.

If I cancel the download and then restart it, I get another 1-5MB. Then it stops again.

Uploads work normally and at good speed.

Has anyone experienced the same problem?

Does anyone has any ideas on what to do?

Best Wishes All

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Ive left the torrent running for a whole day but nothing happens unless I restart it

Queuing Preferences.

Max number of active torrents = 12

Max number active downloads = 4

Minimum ratio = 200

Min seeding time = 0

Min number of available seeds = 0

Bandwidth Preferences

Max upload rate = unlimited

Alternate upload rate when not downloading = Unlimited

Max Download rate = unlimited

Apply rate limit to uTP connections = ticked

Global max connections = 450

Max peers per torrent = 100

Number of upload slots per torrent = 6

Use additional upload slots if upload speed 90% is ticked

Hope this is what you wanted

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