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uTorrent supported SOCKS versions?


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Is there documentation clearly defining which specific SOCKS versions the later uT versions support?

In Preferences > Connection, it says SOCKS 4 & SOCKS 5, but doesn't say whether they are 4 or "4a"; or "5 w/ host names." This is true for MANY prgms.

It makes a difference which version or either it actually uses, as to what info is transmitted. Many apps don't specify "4a" (for Ex.) even if it really is using it. The GUI often just says "SOCKS 4."


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Well, thank you Firon. I appreciate the explanation.

Reading the instruction Help file on the option, "Use proxy name for hostname lookups," & the short description probably isn't as clear to lot of folks (including me) as one might think.

After doing a good bit more outside reading on hostname lookups, SOCKS 4 / 4a, & 5 w/ hostname lookup, I do understand it a bit better. Saying that the UI or help file is "very clear" may only apply to quite advanced users??

If one doesn't know a good bit about this subject, the help file description is kinda like some dictionary definitions: Procrastinator: one who procrastinates.

But, I do appreciate the details. Like many good apps, the uT help file is one of its weaker points.


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