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Way to have Auto-load delay/timer?


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I will occasionally receive an error that says 'Unable to load "torrent-name.torrent": Invalid torrent file!". I have uTorrent watching and automatically loading from a Dropbox folder. After I click the "ok" on the pop-up the invalid torrent will load like normal.As long as there is the invalid torrent notification, other torrents will not load up. This is somewhat an aggravation since I have the memory of a Goldfish and only use RealVNC to access computer.

I assume the reason I keep getting this error is because uTorrent is trying to auto-load .torrent files that are are not 100% uploaded to the dropbox folder. Is there any way to set up a delay or a timer to possibly prevent uTorrent from loading part files?

uTorrent v2.2.1

Dropbox v1.1.35

Windows XP Pro

Thanks for any help,


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