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Not seeding...cannot find an answer for this!

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Two of my COMPLETED torrents have this icon - a stop sign with a white excl. point. This icon not included in legend. I am running 1.0.3 on a MAC and am admittedly pretty clueless and new to torrents. The problem is this icon appearing on two torrents that have already completely downloaded. I dug in the forums and read somewhere to force recheck, when i did that the rather large torrent began downloading again- (so I stopped it) I already have the files and just wish to seed them. I have been put on a ratio watch in this "club" I originally got the torrents from- i think because they are not seeding properly? Any light shed is greatly appreciated.


It took me awhile to download these and i am trying to do the right thing by seeding..do i have to download them again? How do I fix this?

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