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New router worked great @ first, now nothing!!!


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I just got a new router/modem from frontier. After i worked out all the bugs it worked great i was downloading @ my max 1mbps (i only pay for 1mbps). Then i come home and theres a red ! on the bottom right of utorrent. I clicked on it and it had me run a speed test ( i had to click like 20 times for it to work). I tried port 2000 (was already there) and it said Port not open. Then i tried using port 0 (random) and it says NAT-PMP or UpnP isnt enabled, but when i go to prefrences they are enabled. I have tried un-enableing them also same deal. I have PORT FORWarding Config, so i tried to use them to port it, but when i go into my router theres no port forwarding there. I cant create a forward because theres no utorrent in the list to choose from and no blank one to set custom. I have tried all this with my windows firewall off/on. "I have an exception in the firewall for utorrent, and have takin that off and put it back. I have my firewall on my router disabled, and have staic nat enabled, as well as UPnP enabled.

I am working with portforward to see if they can help but im not holding my breath. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

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