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Upload starts, and suddenly it drops.


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I had no upload / download problems until yesterday, when i decided to install version 3.0. I was using utorrent 2.0 until now. Well, the problems started. I cant parctically upload anything, the upload speed is about 4-5 kb/s between 4 or 5 torrents uploading, after that it was about 100-120 kb/s. I dont have any idea wat is the issue, i dont have firewalls, my NOD32 is deactivated, i have green icon on utorrent (that indicates that the connection is ok) but still, i cant upload at speeds greater than 5 kb/s. The download is ok, i can download at the maximum bandwith of my line but the upload is just ridiculous. The funny thing is when i start utorrent, the upload seems to be fine, but suddenly it drops.

Before someone ask about utorrent configuration and so on, i am using utorrent for years and yes i have a good configuration (anyways i tried everything) and i didnt have any problems (with the same configuration) until yesterday. Any ideas or someone who suffered this???

Thx in advance.

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