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utorrent App to check crc and add to filename ?


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sorry if im not posting in the right forum, but the ones under Apps seem pretty specific for some Apps in particular.

I was looking for a utorrent App to calculate the crc of a finished file, check if the filename contains a crc and verify if it match the calculated one, then add some warning to the filename if it doesnt match and if the crc is not specified in the filename, simply add it to the filename.

would this be potentially possible to do with the utorrent Apps SDK ?

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Possible, but basically entirely unnecessary considering that ALL pieces downloaded with uTorrent are validated against a segmented SHA1 check.

here are two usage:

1) the person who released the file released it either with a wrong crc in filename or released a bad file not matching the crc.

in that case, from utorrent point of view the file would be ok as it matchs the torrent sha1, but it is not because the person who released it is a moron and you have a bad file but you dont know it yet before manually checking the crc.

2) you move the file around, maybe on some external drive, share it to other people, etc, at the end you want to know if the file is still good, but sadly you dont have either the original torrent nor utorrent under the hand to check the file, so you cant reverify the file.

I will have a look at the SDK and see if ai can do something

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