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How to change dates in the 'Completed' column


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My PC crashed recently, and I had to unplug it, remove my battery, hold down the power button for 30 seconds, replace the battery and boot back up. But whenever a torrent finished, it had a completed date of 1/1/2007(and 1/2/2007, 1/3/2007, etc...). I've since rebooted my PC, and the completed torrents are now showing the correct current date. My question is:is there a way to manually change the dated in the 'Completed column'? I've tried right-clicking, there doesn't seem to be an option to do this. Anyone know how to? Thanks!

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use BEncode Editor (google it) to edit utorrent's resume.dat file (look in utorrent folder or appdata folder for it). (utorrent faq tells you how to find it).

first you need to close out utorrent completely.

make sure you backup resume.dat by making a copy of it, in case you make a mistake and screw it all up.

open bencode editor

find the torrent you want to change in the editor

then, click the + to expand it

look for the 'complete_on' string. however it's encoded in unix time, so you will have to google for 'epoch converter'

so on the converter website page, type in the date that you want to change the torrent to and submit it.

it will spit back out a string of numbers about 10 digits long.

so now double click a torrent in the editor and paste in that number and click ok.

repeat the process again for another torrent as needed.

don't forget to save the resume.dat file in bencode editor. file > save.

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there's also probably an easier way. such as simply removing torrent from utorrent, then re-add it and let it hash check.

however, it resets the torrents stats this way such as downloaded/uploaded total, etc. and i'm not sure if you care about that or not. much easier though.

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