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utwhisper -- control your utserver (utorrent) using console


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Python needed (tested with 2.7.2).


--help help
--hashtable prints for each torrent it's hash, index, and name
--torrentslist prints torrents list with their properties
--getsettings prints utorrent settings
--getfiles [INDEX] get the list of files in a torrent job
--setsettings [STRING] set setting or multiple settings.
--getprops [INDEX] get a list of the various properties for a torrent job
--start [INDEX] start torrent
--stop [INDEX] stop torrent
--pause [INDEX] pause torrent
--forcestart [INDEX] force torrent start
--unpause [INDEX] unpause torrent
--recheck [INDEX] recheck the torrent contents for the specified torrent
--remove [INDEX] remove the specified torrent from the torrent jobs list
--removedata [INDEX] remove the torrent from the jobs list and it's content
--removetorrent [INDEX] remove the torrent from jobs list and the torrent file
--transferhistory returns the current transfer history
--resettransferhistory resets the current transfer history
--getversion returns information about the server
--listdirs returns list of download directories
--request [REQUEST] pass your own request to the server
--setprio [INDEX] [FILE_INDEX] [PRIORITY] set priority for specified file(s)
--removedatatorrent [INDEX] remove torrent from the jobs list, it's content and torrent file
--addurl [url] [*DOWNLOAD_DIR (integer)] [*PATH] adds a torrent job from the given URL

See doc/index.html for documentation.

Enjoy! ;)


git clone https://tranqil@github.com/tranqil/utwhisper.git 

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