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Piece colors i µTorrent 3.x


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As normally the colors are blue and others (from the "µTorrent user manual" by pressing F1, searching for "blocks", 2nd hit):

Blocks is the graphical progress bar for the piece. You'll notice that there are different colors displayed for different blocks. They are as follows:

Dark blue means the data has been downloaded and written to disk.

Medium blue means the data has been downloaded, but remains in the cache in memory, unwritten to disk.

Light blue means the data has been requested from a single peer.

Green means the data has been requested from multiple peers. Blocks only turn green during endgame mode.

White means the data is is available in the swarm, but has not yet been downloaded.

But ... with 3.0 this was changed (but is not in the help file up to now):

(have a look here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=86384 )

piece_idle:ffffff -> white

piece_written:0000ff -> dark blue

piece_writing:6060ff -> medium blue

piece_multi_request:C0FFC0 -> light green

piece_streaming:00b0b0 -> cyan

piece_cancelled:ffff00 -> yellow

piece_requested:c0c0ff -> light magenta

But (2) ... confirmed. This colors are not documented:


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