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help me upload to another µtorrenter


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So this is the deal,

I'm seeding a torrent that was very hard to download. The tracker is down most of the time, but thanks to the excellent Pex in µtorrent, I was able to download this torrent.

I am seeding, and connected to one peer who is from my own country, uses µtorrent 1.5, and uses an ISP who is known not to throttle.

I am not throttled as well, but I am only uploading to this peer at a crawling speed, or not at all.

can someone help me to figure out how I can upload to this peer using all my upload?

Can I use the logger to diagnose what's keeping me from doing so?

thanks for your help.

Edit: I didn't have any problem uploading to other peers. The flags for this particular peer are "UHE", but most of the time I'm not uploading at all, even though the flag remains "U" and not "u" .

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I don't know. I occasionally get "got request" immediately followed by "sending piece" so the problem might indeed be on the peer's side, but I have no way of telling for sure.

It's strange because it's been like this for ages now. I don't know how probable it is that he is so lucky to be maxed out for such a long time...

Edit: and by the way, the peer is sending "Have" messages, and his completion percent is almost not changing at all.

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so maybe this ixxxx(ntelligent guy) is running more active torrents than his line is capable of handling properly. His µtorrent might have a hard time to handle all the signaling traffic so he isn't able to suck faster on you if you on your side are offering him all your upload that is possible.

unfortunatly nothing you can do. There are to many guys out there who don't understand the BT Specs not even in the basics :-(

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i don't think so. as you have said; his µT is requesting a piece from you.

Your µT is sending it almost instantly.

So if he is not requesting more from you faster, he has oviously something other to do...

If you would get "Got piece xxx" in a high rate from him that would afai think indicate that he is getting the pieces for this torrent from another peer and does not need YOU so often or fast.

But if this took not place the "too many running torrents" explanation is the best i think.

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