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using powershell to control utorrent via the webui API


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Hi all,

I'm sharing some uTorrent powershell intergration...

I wanted to used powershell to control uTorrent via webui api. The task I wanted to perform was to have a scheduled task that would enable the scheduler (I often disable it and then forget to reenable it).

Turned out to be pretty easy as the new powershell V3 has JSON support.

The created script can be used like so.

Utorrent-SetSettings "sched_enable" 1

I also added the scripts to get back the torrent and files lists as I use those for other tasks like moving 'dead' files for the partial and completed folders.

If anyone wants to do something similar I have posted the scipts over here.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


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Oh I also posted another powershell script a while back that copies downloaded files to another location once the download is completed.

This allows me to leave the torrent seeding and still process the download, unraring and moving the file around.

You can find that one here http://heazlewood.blogspot.com/2011/08/powershell-utorrent.html

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