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Completely lost - HOW this seems to function?


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No mans, no readme.

No looking in the docs folder.

Of course I did! I read whole the man on how to configure server. But there is no info on how to use it.

What I was expecting is:

* having the server running locally

* having it opening a web ui when visiting localhost: 8080 (according to the doc)

but nothing is opened on that port *

upd. (*) actually I see the message "invalid request". No info on who provided this message.

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did you actually include the /gui/ like the documentation says to?

Ah, you mean adding to the URL. Well.. no, I didn't try it until now and now it seems to start working - it is asking me a username and password. Ok, thank you, very much!

Now let me comment on this. The reason why I haven't visited this URL is the doc which states:

The base URI to access the API is:

http://[iP]:[PORT]/gui/. The data returned by calls is in the JSON format.

Am I programmer needing API?

Or am I a program needing data in JSON?

No, I'm just a regular user, willing web interface.

So this is still docs problem IMHO.

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This project exists more than one year.By this period,only several peoples like you have a problem with understanding a docs.What do you think -in the documents it is the problem!? :o

Your statistics is based on messages on this forum and for this reason -flawed, since you ain't counting people who also failed running the server but simply didn't bother with registering here. Not everybody is like me - wasting 30 minutes to running simple app, then with loud wtf'ing, comming here, registering, spend extra time for questions, explanations, and now - on replying to strange claims.

So yes, this is the docs problem, like I said. If you pefer considering this as a bug - then add tag "documentation" to it. In the root of any project there are usually some files like README, INSTALL and maybe LICENSE.

INSTALL is about installing the app.

README is about what the app is, what to do next etc, how to run/use etc.

Do you or do you not know about this?

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So this is my 5 cents as new contributor - README contents.


uTorrent Server is a BitTorrent client. The package you downloaded contains utserver executable and one borwser-based client application WebUI.


1. Run ./utserver.
2. Visit http://localhost:8080/gui/ in your browser.
3. Type in username (admin by defaylt) and password (empty string by default).
4. You will get into web insterface of uTorrent.

To keep system secure change the userame and password in file: ....

Long Story

... under construction ...

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All these things are already wrote in the doc.Yes file is not named „README“,but exists -in several formats.

You are definitely not a usability fan, ain't you?

Since you don't care about others I really hope you are not in the devteam.

If you don't believe me - look into any Linux project and find README file in the root.

Please stop persisting on a stupidity.

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