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problem with ./utserver -settings /xxx/xxx/xxx/ option


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I have utserver in a directory like /home/myname/utorrent/

In this directory I have few otthers dir as for example




but the most important for this case




I launch the utserver like this

./utserver -settingspath /home/myname/utorrent/settings/ -configfile /home/myname/utorrent/conf/utserver.conf -daemon

It creates all the .dat files .dat.old .dat.new in the settings dir

but I can't access the webui with http

It says

no webui found - download - .....

If I just launch utserver like this

./utserver -configfile /home/myname/utorrent/conf/utserver.conf -daemon[

it works just fine

Here is my very simple utserver.conf

# Configuration setting for uTorrent for Linux.

# Command-Line for this config file:

# ./utserver -settingspath /home/myname/utorrent/settings/ -configfile /home/myname/utorrent//utorrent/conf/utserver.conf -daemon


dir_active: /home/myname/utorrent/incoming/incomplete

dir_completed: /home/myname/utorrent/incoming/complete

dir_temp_files: /home/myname/utorrent/incomplete/temp

dir_torrent_files: /home/myname/utorrent/incoming/torrents

ut_webui_port: 12345

ut_webui_dir: /home/myname/utorrent/webui

dir_autoload: /home/myname/utorrent/autoload

dir_autoload_delete: true

ADMIN_NAME: <myname>

ADMIN_PASSWORD: <mypassword>

So to conclude with

./utserver -configfile /home/myname/utorrent//utorrent/conf/utserver.conf -daemon

it works

and with

./utserver -settingspath /home/myname/utorrent/settings/ -configfile /home/myname/utorrent/utorrent/conf/utserver.conf -daemon

it doesn't work

Any ideas why ?

Thanks by dvance


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am i the only one experiencing log in error1 issues on Firefox?

it keeps saying this: "The µTorrent WebUI does not seem to be installed. Click here to try to install it, or see the guide for more details."

i was previously running it smoothly until this crush!! roll

once click to install it takes forever and nothing happens,but then the guide...sends me to how to install it and Running the webUI over HTTPS... so far thats not a Linux version or server solution>>? sad

i thought am paranoid so i installed chrome,better yet gave me the same error...

:"Server error

The webpage at http://localhost:8080/gui/downloading_webui is currently unavailable. It may be overloaded or down for maintenance.

Here are some suggestions:

Reload this webpage later.

HTTP Error 503 (Service Unavailable): The server is currently unable to handle the request. This code indicates this is a temporary condition, and the server will be up again after a delay.

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Looks like webui.zip needs to be in the current directory from which utserver was launched, or you need to specify in the configuration file where webui.zip lives.

Attempting to download the web UI archive will give you a different version of the web UI than is distributed with the server. It also doesn't work as well; there's been some recent work to resolve that issue.

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