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Inactive Torrents not visible in list


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Hi folks,

This is a variation of a problem I've seen on the forum before, but none of the solutions work for me so far. Yesterday, I installed uTorrent 3.1 (Win 7 Home x64) and imported all the torrent files I downloaded using another torrent application. uTorrent went through them, checked the data files and started seeding them as I wanted; so far, so good.

When I got to the computer this morning, it had rebooted; probably because of some Windows update or other, and when I fire up the uTorrent client the main window is blank, and I see in the tree list that I have 167 torrents listed as Inactive; however when I click on the Inactive header, the list is empty. When attempting to add the torrent again, it states that the torrent is already in the list. I've tried downloading a new torrent from the Internet, and this works fine; that file is Active and Seeding, and perfectly visible in the list.

I've tried resetting my column headers, I've tried hiding and displaying the sidebar, I've selected Torrents (claiming 168 now, but listing only one, the new one), Completed (claiming 168, showing one), Inactive (claiming 167, showing none) and Labels / No label (claiming 168, showing one).

Any suggestions? Could the unexpected reboot have damaged some internal file or something?

Thanks in advance.

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