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Separate view of torrent columns for different categories


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First of all, utorrent design is very good! However, I'm missing one really useful feature.

All torrents are categorized - All, downloading, completed, Active, Inactive

Then in the main window each torrent has customizable columns - Name, Selected size, remaining, speed, ETA ...

What I really would like is that each categorie would have separate set of columns. If I decided to include "Completed On" I will see this column in Completed categorie and in Downloading and this doesn't make sense because in Downloading categorie column "Completed On" will always be empty.

This is just one example. There are many other columns that are related only to one specific category.

Each categorie should have it's own relevant columns.

I appreciate the work you guys do and I believe that this feature would only increase the usability of your software.

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I see this is a post from 2011... but Im new to utorrent from vuze...

very similar to this issue the ONE thing that is driving me crazy is having all torrents--- downloading and seeding--- in one window! It's really driving me crazy and maybe there is a way to change that, but I've gone through all the settings and there is really nothing... and no advanced settings? In Vuze there is a separator and the top is downloading and the bottom is seeding. Maybe this doesn't bother many people, but I really like the uncluttered, organized idea of this. I hate having everything lumped together.

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