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uTorrent won't acknowledge set upload speed


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Mac OS X 10.7.2

uTorrent 1.5.12 (26576)

My download speed is set to 0 and my upload to 30

My (Sh*ty) Verizon gives me 1792 / 448 Kbps so to maintain a decent download speed I restrict my uploads to 30 KB/s

However after this latest update uTorrent refuses to obey the limit I set in the bandwidth tab and by trying to further manipulate it in the scheduling tab.

A picture below shows the speed in the bar (green being upload) with the conflicting limits.

This happens consistently its isn't as if uTorrent once in a while goes over the limit.


Any solutions to this would be greatly appreciated

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as far as the screenshot shows, there's no contradictions in your limits. In order to limit upload speed you need to set it in "Upload: limit manually to". Now it it set to zero, which means 'unlimited'. Seeding rate is something a bit different.

Hope this will be helpful!

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