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uTorrent has issues?


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So, I started downloading a couple of torrents, then I tried to add another to the queue, and uTorrent wouldn't even OPEN the torrent, so it just wouldn't show in any of the active, inactive, et al. sections. I deleted the two torrents downloading from the program, then deleted them from my system, and tried opening the other two which I tried adding again, and all that happened was that uTorrent had held on to the deleted files; it showed them as still trying to download, and then uTorrent just would not exit after I again removed them from the queue, resulting in a force-quit maneuver. Those files would just show up every single time I opened the software, and would not open any other torrent file, period, and would continue to not shut down in the interim. I cleared caches, checked forums here, found nothing, uninstalled, redownloaded, and reinstalled the software, no fix. This is both pre- & post-update. Finally, to permanently fix the problem, I switched back to Transmission. UTorrent was pretty neat there for a while. What happened??

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