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My torrent indicator is green but the speed is low!


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I am running utorrent on my computer which is connected to internet via wireless network connection. Internet provider is the university and I am connecting via a router that all computers connect through. the indicator of torrent is green but the speed is low for something that is seeded with more than 1000 seeds. I tried speedtest.net and it gave me 15Mbps upload speed. the point is sometimes the torrent download speed goes to 100 kpbs but it is for little time and most of time it is very low. I dont know what to do. when I try setup guide it gives me : the port is not open(you can still download)! I dont know the router model, because it is not written anything on it and it is installed in hallway of our dorm. If I knew the model I would change port by portforwarding but I dont. Please help me. What can I do?

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