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Apps & featured content page not expanding fully


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EDIT: SOLVED! Just wanted to say that i fixed the problem. In case someone else has

the same problem. Whats that? you have the same problem? well, youll have to reinstall windows :(

EDIT: click on the pictures to view full size at image shack. (If you didnt already know that)

Whenever i open the apps or featured content page, the content is all packed up at the top of the page.



EDIT: Heres a pic i took after scrolling a little, see how its all crammed up at the top.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

As you can see in the second pic there is a scroll bar but its so short i have to click the up and down

arrows to move it. I can see content but its all crammed up at the top in that small section.

Iv tried reinstalling utorrent, but with no success. I cant find any settings worth changing to make a difference either.

EDIT: Get this, utorrent 3.1 does the same thing on my brothers computer. Different PC, different install, different, different, different! WTF!!

HELP!!! :o

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