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Torents wont appear or start.


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Hi All,

I have been using Utorrent for years on a portable USB drive.

In theory I should be able to connect the drive to any computer and run Utorrent.

I have never done this but I frequently wipe my computer and reinstall Windows which effectively makes it a new computer.

Everytime I have done this in the past Utorrent and all of my torrents restarted like nothing had changed.

Today I wiped my computer again and reinstalled Windows but now when I run Utorrent it shows that I have no torrents.

For torrents I use a 1TB USB drive with a folder named Downloads which contains the data for nearly 200 torrents.

The drive also has a folder named Utorrent which contains the Utorrent.exe file and a folder named settings.dat containing all of the .torrent files.

All the .torrent files are still present as is all of the torrent data but Utorrent will not see them.

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I just figured out that if I select 'add torrent' from the 'file' pulldown menu at the top left of the screen that it takes me to my settings.dat file and my entire list of .torrent files and lets me pick one and add it.

When I do so it adds that one torrent and then rechecks it and starts it.

I tried to select more than one and it does not work.

If I proceed at this rate I will be at it for many hours.

I just don't get why Utorrent didn't just start up all my torrents in the first place.

Further since I have been using Utorrent 3.0 these last few months I have not been able to restart it with a single click like I used to.

Instead I must advance through all of the installation screens making shure to unselect install and unselect the toolbars and free downloads and icons and such.

Am I doing something wrong?

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