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created torrent / seeded / restart utorrent / problem (99%)


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Hey there.. just encountered weird problem while seeding

uTorrent 1.1.5

- created torrent file using uTorrent 1.1.5

- started seeding, everything was going fine

- restarted uTorrent after a while

- after restart its showing me that i have just 99% of file, last block is missing,so i cannot seed

- now i stopped this torrent

- i forced re-check

- now its showing that i have 100% so i can seed again

weird thing

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I had the same problem, I will explain what I did for people wanting a cheap get around/developers to look at.

-Created torrent

-Started seeding

-Downloaded/installed a new interface skin

-Restarted uTorrent

-Torrent was stuck at 99%

-I removed the torrent and added it again

-Restarted again and it worked fine

Also when I restarted it for the first time one of my torrent gave an error saying the file was in use by another program (which to my knowledge it wasn't) hence the reason for the second restart.

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