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disk caching causes to download @ 10kb/s


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hey guys!

i've been using utorrent until about 3 years ago, when i got a macbook pro.

i now know i never go back voluntary to a windows system.

But i had to find a new torrent client for my mac, so i tried several clients, none of them was very fast nor userfriendly, which was on my last computer. So i even tried getting a virtual machine running, and there was my high speed (with utorrent)again, i got peaks of up to 8mb/s(!). at the time i bought a mac, i also bought an 2tb external harddrive which was prepared for mac. i know for sure that i am using well seeded torrents, and with a minimum amount of leechers. but i keep getting irritated by the fact that when i am downloading, the download speed suddenly drops to no more than 10kb/s. and keeps on there for about 10 minutes. it's very annoying. does anybody know how i can fix it? because i like having utorrent on my mac now.

Sorry for my half-english.

Thanks in advance!


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i've read the troubleshooting guide, but unfortunately, i didn't find a solution to this problem.

tried changing some advanced settings, but didn't solve it aswell.

i looked at the disk statistics, read/write cache and such, seemed the write cache is showing some huge write values. (up to 34mb)

i was thinking about this, but can it have anything to do with the time machine backup system on my mac?

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I just registered for this issue, this is a HUGE Problem thats need do be adressed ASAP. The Problem apparently doesnt persist only within utorrent, but within the libtorrent thats used by utorrent (and other clients).

I tried both of the latest utorrent versions (stable and beta) aswell as the latest bittorrent version, im using mac os lion on a MBP. First i thought this would be an NTFS issue only, but its occuring just the same on my internal Hard Drive.

Please adress this asap, if you should need further details feel free to contact me. In this current form, utorrent is absolutely of no use to anyone who wants to torrent larger files and i can only urge every mac user not to use a libtorrent based client, use Transmission instead

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What seems to happen is that the cache fills up and then the downloads slow down until the cache is written to disk, which can take several minutes before it happens.

Click the "Speed" tab and choose to show Disk Statistics to see it in action.

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