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Format of list "torrents" returned from ?list=1


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Hey guys, just having a few problems related to the format of the list "torrents" (inside of the original list that includes everything) when calling ?list=1 with webAPI.

http://www.utorrent.com/community/developers/webapi says that it's returned like so:

"build": BUILD NUMBER (integer),
"label": [
LABEL (string),
TORRENTS IN LABEL (integer) ],
"torrents": [
HASH (string),
STATUS* (integer),
NAME (string),
SIZE (integer in bytes),
PERCENT PROGRESS (integer in per mils),
DOWNLOADED (integer in bytes),
UPLOADED (integer in bytes),
RATIO (integer in per mils),
UPLOAD SPEED (integer in bytes per second),
DOWNLOAD SPEED (integer in bytes per second),
ETA (integer in seconds),
LABEL (string),
PEERS IN SWARM (integer),
SEEDS IN SWARM (integer),
AVAILABILITY (integer in 1/65535ths),
REMAINING (integer in bytes) ],
"torrentc": CACHE ID** (string integer)

However when I do it, I get extra elements after "REMAINING" which include save location among other things.

Is there a reason? (Maybe page not updated?)


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Your right the page hasn't been updated. Over time the developer(s) of uTorrent have modifed what is returned when a list request is sent to uTorrent. Starting from when the webui was first implemented in uTorrent until now the listing has been changed several times. I have found that most of the documentation that is useful regarding the webui api has been submitted by uTorrent users and not the developer(s) of uTorrent.

If your writing a program and wanting to make it backwards compatible with older versions of uTorrent your going to have to check the list return of each uTorrent build you want to support to make sure you parse the output correctly.

Also I couldn't find any information about what was actually changed in the listing returns so I had to figure it out by myself with trial and error.

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