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I would like to test uTorrent WebUI.

I live in Italy and I am using Telecom Italia Alice ADSL (downstream: 4 Mbit/s - upstream: 256 Kbit/s).

I use the following operating systems...

- Windows XP Pro. SP2 ITA (fully updated) - Windows XP default firewall enabled

- Windows 98 S.E. ITA

- Windows 2000 Pro. SP4 ITA (fully updated)

- Windows ME ITA

- Windows Vista CTP Build 5308 (I am a MS beta tester); I will update this to build 5348

- Mandriva Linux 2006

I use the following web browsers:

- Firefox ITA + some extensions

- Portable Firefox

- Opera 8.53 ITA

- Opera 8.52@USB (portable version of Opera)

- Opera 9 TP2

- SeaMonkey 1.0

- Internet Explorer 5 (Windows 98)

- Internet Explorer 6 (in Windows ME/2000)

- Internet Explorer 7 Beta (Windows XP / Windows Vista)

I am a software developer (ZipGenius - http://www.zipgenius.it ).

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Count me in.

I have XP-SP2 running and are behind a Draytek Vigor 2200WE router.

I also have the capabilities to test it under several OS's under VMWARE as:





Vista (with IE7)

All Linux releases with gui.

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Hello! :)

I would like to test the WebUI for µtorrent, too!

First of all, I like BETAs very much, because i can see the direct development of the program and i can help the developer to fix bugs and also make new suggestions. That's why i am always using the latest µtorrent BETA. I am also a webdesigner, because of that i have nearly all kinds of browsers installed (Firefox, IE 6 + 7, Opera, Netscape). So i am able to test it with a lot of browsers and my bugreports are written with some knowledge depending technic issues or complications.

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Good Evening :)

If there are still slots for testers, i would like to be considered as an addition to the team. I am relatively well known in some well known torrent communities so i can definately be trusted and relied upon. I have been using uTorrent since its early days and i would love to help in any way possible the future development of the best torrent client available.

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Hrm I guess I'll join the test. Should I explain myself, or is my track record on the forums enough?

lol whatever, I'll list the browsers I have access to for testing anyway...

Opera 9.0 Build 8333

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP2)

Apple Safari (don't remember what version, since I only get access to my sister's iBook every now and then, but I'll post it if I do get to test)

Basically, access to Windows XP SP2 and Mac OS X 10.4.something (sometimes).

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I would like to test uTorrent WebUI.

I live in Thailand and I am using ADSL 2 Mbit/s - upstream: 512 Kbit/s and Colocation 100M

I use the following operating systems...

- Windows XP Pro. SP2

- Windows server2003 EN SP1

I use the following web browsers:

- Firefox

- Internet Explorer 6

- Internet Explorer 7 Beta

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Hello, I would like to test the uTorrent Web Interface too.

I have various connections : from 16 to 100Mbit, running on different operating systems : WinXP, Win2003 server, Win2000, Win98, Linux, with all the major browsers installed (IE, Firefox, Opera). Also the systems vary from Dual P4 Xeon 3Ghz with 2GB RAM to AMD Duron 600Mhz with 64MB RAM ;) . I will be glad if i can help in the development.


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I would also like to participate :)

I have two connections a 6000/600 and a 1500/200, using them at the full with µTorrent.

I have been using bittorrent for many years now, so i understand how it works, and should be able to see if it is a program bug, or a protocol flaw ;)

Have also betatested (tested an reported bugs) various programs in my time, from small programs made by friends, to opensource systems like KDE and skolelinux (im a developer here), to Microsoft Server 2003.

The system is a amd64 3400+ running winxp sp2 with half-connection limit removed and 1024MiB ram.

Thanks in advance ;)

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I would very much like to test this. Work on a secure site where access is restricted by a firewall e.g. can't use Azureus's but can access the Rufus web interface. But I prefer uTorrent to Rufus (its smaller, faster & I prefer the UI) so would like to see if I can access uTorrent's new webui from my workplace.

Cheers, Steve

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I would really like to beta test the WebUI because:

* I could really use it right now

* I will test it on different pc's

* I will test with different browsers (Windows / Linux)

* I've been a beta tester before for the program AdMuncher (www.admuncher.com)

* I'm currently using VNC to remote control uTorrent, so I can comment on what I think might be missing in the WebUI

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I'd love to test the new WebUI

- I will actually be using it from remote locations (work & Uni), not just testing it at home

- I've used utorrent with other web interfaces (VNC) and would like to see the improvements with a purpose built interface

- I've beta tested products before (Live beta, Office 12 beta) and reported bugs

- I can test it on different OSs and browsers (XP, 2000 & Windows NT 4 - with Firefox, Opera and IE)

- I'm very active in the bittorrent community, and would be able to test it very frequently

- I would be able to report any issues with Belkin routers

Hope I'm considered. :)

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Hi, I'd love to try out the WebUI.

-Could really use this right now :D

-I've used bt clients with similar WebUI before

-I'd like to test it via a VPN connection, firewall and NAT issues

-OS: WinXP Pro SP2 and Windows Mobile 5

-Browsers: IE 6, IE7, IE Mobile, Opera 9, FF

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I'd like to test it because it sounds like a fun feature, but possibly very prone to bugs and security holes. I think I'd be a good tester cause I'm a programmer myself, so I know how to hunt down bugs, holes, inconsistencies, etc. Before I began coding, I worked for a couple years as a QA tester. I can test it with all available browsers for Windows and Linux, and am picking up a Mac Mini Duo within a week, so I'll be able to test in a Mac environment with Mac-exclusive browsers as well.

That's more or less all I have to say.

System specs:

-Windows XP SP2 (P4c 2.8ghz (running at stock speed), 1gb ram, 1 internal SATA 250gb drive, 1 external SATA 250gb drive hooked up via USB2.0, and a wired net connection - 1.5/384 DSL, the box is self-built, not a prebuilt brand name), have Firefox 1.5, IE6, IE7 latest beta, and can install Opera (even tho installing Opera will make a little part of me die inside) and other browsers (IE mods, smaller emerging browsers, etc). This is my main box, though the Mac Mini may become my main box after a while.

-Ubuntu Breezy (upgrading to Dapper once it is released in June) on a Dell Inspiron 8600 notebook with a 1.7ghz Pentium-M, 1gb ram, 100gb 5400rpm HDD, always running wirelessly in 802.11g mode. Have Firefox 1.5 (it's my main browser in Xorg), Epiphany, Konquerer, and can apt-get any other Linux browser available for testing.

-My Mac Mini will be an Intel dual core with 1.25gb of memory (possibly 2.0gb if I have some extra scratch). It'll be running the OS (10.4.6) and applications off an external ATA (would be SATA if I could find an enclosure that supports SATA with a firewire connection) 250gb drive via firewire400 and I'll be using the internal 5400rpm piece of junk for media storage. Will use Safari as my main browser, but will also have Firefox. Gonna give Camino a shot as well, even though it's waaaay behind afaik. Any other Mac-exclusive browsers I can test it on as well (unfamiliar with current offerings, I haven't owned a mac for a couple years). It'll likely be running wirelessly unless my wireless is being flakey, then I'll wire it. Wireless is often fairly flakey, so it'll likely be wired most of the time.

Running LAN off a Linksys WRT54G v1.0 with HyperWRT+tofu 13c third-party firmware, which helps a TON with p2p apps, as stated in the µTorrent FAQ, if that makes a difference.

Have access to a G4 Powerbook, but the Mac Mini will cover anything the G4 could do browserwise. Also have access to an IBM touchscreen notebook in a week or two, but like the G4, everything that could do could be done on one of my own machines, unless there's some fancy touchscreen browser it comes with.

Hope to be testing! Sounds like it's gonna be a great feature to an already awesome app.

That was a mouthful. But hey, I wanted to include as much detailed info as I could.

edit: oh, I'm using Look 'n' Stop as a Windows firewall, my router for the linux notebook, and probably just the router or the OSX firewall for the Mac.

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Interested in helping out.

I am using two different computers, a laptop and a desktop.

Both have a different browser/browsers running.

I use IE, Firefox, and Opera.

Running behind a wireless router as well.

I have no problems testing to the best of my ability, and giving honest and thorough feedback.

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I would like to test the new WebUI. I intend to test it under at least 3 platforms and their most common browsers including Mobile (wap and Opera Mobile edition). I know it's been said before that a "lite" mobile interface is not really the focus right now, but maybe in a near future...

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