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"Sign Up" for WebUI beta testing


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Commars...? Commas you mean? xD

And here's a crude way of doing it in JavaScript... save this into some file with extension .html, and open it in your browser (obviously =P):

<script>document.write("PASTE_LIST_OF_NAMES_HERE".split(", ").length);</script>

Apparently, there are 155 people right now...

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Hi Directrix

finally the webui :)

Well i have been usig Utorrent for a long while now. Currently using it on 2 computers (using vnc to control the second one). Having WEbui to test would allow me to get more bandwith to Utorrent and not use vnc.

I debug applications for a living, so what is 1 more to add to my personal list of apps to verify.

In hope of joining the 'debug' team :)


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Hi, I'm munk.

I would like to join because I've coded an auto torrent downloader in PHP and would LOVE a webui to control status of downloading. Atm I have to RDP to server to check up.

Having a webui I would maybe also be able to control the stuff from my PHP script.

Good reason to use me is that I will bring a new usage for this so I will test different things.

I run utorrent on windows server 2003 so that might also be "rare" so useful.

Thank you again - been waiting for this long!

i'm munk :P

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I would like to test the webui, im very experienced with web techonologies, i program in PHP and of course, Javascript. As a web programmer, i have all the tools and skills needed to debug this kind of application (web browsers, special extensions, etc)

I leave utorrent open at home 24/7 so cheking it from work would be really usefull.


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I wanna be a tester for the uTorrent Web Interface. I'm a System Engineer and i program in PHP, Java, C#, and many more!

I have a DSL Connection 1.2Mb running on AMD64 3800+ / 1 GB DDR2 / 200GB SATA2 / MSI PCI-E 256Mb

ps: utorrent is the best bittorrent client!!!

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lol here comes the typical Ultima-makes-a-(semi)-big-deal-out-of-nothing post! =]

@AresXP: When you explode a string (same exact thing as split in JavaScript like I did), the length is the true size of the list already. Adding 1 is unnecessary. Besides that, counting the commas came out to 154 (in that case, 1 should be added).

<script>var l = "KitCh, ... , TheBIG";var c = 0;for (var i = 0; i < l.length; i++) if (l[i] == ',') c++;document.write("Comma Count: "+c+"<br>"); // prints 154... adding a 1 will correct this numberdocument.write("Array Length: "+l.split(", ").length); // prints 155, which is correct</script>

@Directrix: Don't fall for AresXP's lies (jp AresXP xP)! As of now, there are actually (155+2 = 157) people on your list.

Edit: Heh Firon corrected it already... =P

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I would like to test the web ui from u torrent becuase i have tried torrent flux and found it not to my liking. currently i just have a vnc server to use it right now.

i would be able to test it in all the major windows browsers and even the pocket pc browsers

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I'd like to test the WEB UI.

My system:

-win2000 server with NAT32 router

-uTorrent on WIN2000 server controlled with TightVNC (hopefully not for long anymore)

-ADSL connection 24/7

-5 users on domain to test through NAT32

-users with WinXP SP2 (slovene lang. pack)

-users connect through wireless LEVEL ONE AP

-all browsers

My skils:

-MS Systems administration

-PHP/Apache/MySQL Developer

-network administration

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Hey, I heard about this feature on another forum that I peruse occasionally and figured I'd come check it out. If you would like, I could test the web interface from multiple computer setups - my trusty Gateway E-4300, a G4 as well as a G6, and several different PC setups my university is running. I would be able to use Safari for Mac, Mozilla Firefox 1.5, IE 7.0.5926.0, and Netscape 7.2. I'm on a stable college network and am typically at a connection speed 400+ Mbps.

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I wish you good luck,guys.

I was waiting for webUI for very long time but now i decided to use another way. Which is RSS feed - its amazing:)

Actualy I think webUI is suitable only for monitoring status of download. In this case much better function could be "run program after download", "run after seed" - or another way how to tell you indirectly - seeding completed.

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I would like to be a tester of Web UI. Please count me in. ;)


* I work in school and I need monitoring the downloads, but VNC/remote desktop can't be used.

* interested in testing new features

* I'd like to test WebUI with browsers e.g. Dillo/Konqueror etc.

* I have experience in building/testing/reporting bugs, for example:

- eMule Plus

- Mozilla Firefox

- Mozilla Minimo

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Im interested in testing the webui

Im currently running on a dlink G604T, with XP as main operating system with both IE7 and Firefox installed,

I used to use a webui with azureus from work occasionally (Windows 2000 Machine) until i deicded to change to utorrent (for obvious reasons)

I can also test from behind a university connection and other adsl connections

i have experience in beta testing software

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