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µTV for Android


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All apps: http://www.androidshed.com

µTV Free: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.androidshed.utv.free

µTV Pro: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.androidshed.utv.pro

µTV simply works in 3 steps:

1. Add a TV show you wish to download.

2. Refresh to see if any new episodes came out.

3. Hit "download all" to send all new episodes to µTorrent and start downloading!

Note: Episodes are downloaded on your PC at home not on the android device itself.

**IMPORTANT** DO NOT BUY µTV Pro if you're poor... like me. The only difference is µTV Pro has no advertisements.


- You can get µTorrent from http://www.utorrent.com

- In order for the app to function, you have to enable "Web UI" in µTorrent.

- Go to settings (on this app) to enter your µTorrent IP, PORT, Username and Password.

- The "Refresh" button searches for new episodes and the "Download All" sends them all to µTorrent.

- uTV can only find episodes that actually have verified torrents. It might not find non-popular TV Shows, old episodes or TV Shows that aren't recorded by seasons and episodes.

It's kind of a "fully functioning" beta at the moment. your constructive criticism is most welcome.

Update 0.8
- Major interface overhaul
- New interface works on Android 2.1+ only, I will release an alternative version for Android devices below 2.1
- Bugs squished!

Update 0.7
- Saving your settings will now verify them before proceeding.

Update 0.6.9
- Replaced the 2 buttons with one big one!
- you can now edit a TV show's season and episode.

Update 0.6.5
- Get latest episode option added (no need to specify season/episode if you don't want to any more)
- Small bug fixes

Update 0.6.3
- added token authorization support. no need to change µTorrent advanced settings anymore.

Update 0.6.2
- Yo can use ASCII text characters in the "Address" EditText box.

Please try to use the app legally :P



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