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uTorrent settings-folder


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I noticed that uTorrent saves all settings and resume-data in ..application datautorrent folder. Now: the thing is that also all downloading AND completed .torrent-files are stored/copied there. isn't there a way to not copy the .torrent-files to that folder and just access them from the folder they are stored?

in utorrent-settings, i have disabled "auto-download folder" and "auto-torrent folder".

a short summary of the problem would be: why copying the torrent file if you open it in utorrent. why not just using the torrent file you've just opened?

ps: i adore your program. could be a coincidence, but utorrent downloads even faster than bittornado. good job everybody!!

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Thats a good point, but there are browsers that work differently.

I use Opera, and that browser first downloads the files into the download folder, and then executs (in this case) µTorrent.

Now µTorrent loads the torrent, and saves it again -- in the same folder, as I use one download folder for all programs.

Thus I have two copies of the torrent file lying around...

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If the torrent that you opened was deleted (for example, you open directly from the browser, and it saves it to the temporary folder, and temporary folder is cleared), then what happens to the task?

mmmm, you got a point there.

ok, let me refrase my feature :D :

it's actually combined with my other "feature-suggestion", about having confirmation dialogue and also the possibility to delete all files.

so here it is:

"íf there should be such a feature like "remove task and all files", the .torrent file should be delete aswell. how does that sound 8) ?

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µTorrent needs a copy of the torrent files for further reference. Copying them to its settings directory makes that simpler.

ok, np. and i found out how to delete that torrent file once you delete your task.

the only thing that should be nice is a confirmation dialogue if you delete something (whether it is only the task, torrent, data or torrent+data). this way, there's no more "OMFG, i deleted my 8GB download while i just wanted to remove the task", just because your windows freaks out just the moment you want to delete your torrent 8) .

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