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Ideas to improve Share


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First of all, I've got to say I absolutely love the core concept of Share. I'm typically not a downloader, but I do have tons and tons of family pictures that I'd like to share with the family. Share seems right up my alley since I want something that works like Dropbox, but that has more than 5 gigs avaliable. Share seems like it could be that. However, there's one thing that it needs to truly be the best file sharing app. That is:

Gallery/Folder view! So here's the thing. Right now, I've got 127gb of photos of my kids (I shoot in RAW) that I'd like to share with my family members. Obviously, it's easier to do this as groups of photos rather than one by one, but that leads to the problem of having an enourmous package (your terminology, not mine) where they have to download 5.86 gb just to get at 550 files (which seems like a reasonable grouping). However, I don't expect them to want all of these files on their computer.

I'd like a feature that would let them browse the pictures that they want to use and download those ones, even if it means that they're browsing my local hard drive and not the cloud (although that'd be awesome too). I mean, I'd like them to have their pick because I don't think its reasonable to expect them to download all 127gb just so they can look at 10 pictures, but the alternative with the current implementation is to upload each picture one by one. Given the "stream" (for lack of a better word) UI, that would be less than ideal. Alternatively, being able to browse the folder from the cloud before downloading it and selecting specific files would be awesome.

I love the idea, but there needs to be a better way to share thousands of files without doing them one by one or all at once. There are certainly lessons to be learned here from Dropbox, but this has the potential to be better since it doesn't have insane total file size restrictions. I essentially want to be able to say here's a folder I'm sharing with you, take whatever you want.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Are you using the Windows client or the version with µTorrent for Mac?

Also, if you're not already, follow us on Twitter as we'll be announcing updates and also requesting info from our testers from time to time.

Meanwhile, I'll pass your post onto our developers.

Thanks again!




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