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Why does uT store torrents in Vista temp folder?


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EDIT: I've tried several methods of d/l'g torrent file (.torrent) - using Firefox native d/l, DownThemAll and uT.

The KEY to the temp files being created in C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp - is when click on "Download (this Torrent)" and THEN choose, "Open with" - vs. "Download...".

If uTorrent is default torrent client (as is for me), then once click open w/ uTorrent, it starts automatically d/l the torrent. This method is when temp files are created - apparently BY uTorrent, AND saves torrent files in the default folder specified in uT prefs.

It's the process of "open with" plus uTorrent, that creates a temp file in folder mentioned. uTorrent is saving the torrents to folder specified in prefs AND creating a temp file. Maybe there's a uT setting controlling this? But I see no reason to create temp files for such tiny files.

NO OTHER method of SAVING the torrents (vs "Open With) using "Save As," "Save File," "Save Link As," or using DTA, creates a temp file in folder mentioned, using latest Firefox.

I've seen temp files created by other apps, but they are ONLY opening the files (like a pdf reader), NOT saving them to a defined location, like uT has.

Seems like unnecessary duplication & wasting HDD space. The temp files & torrent files stored in uT defined directory are identical - identical size. It could be a privacy issue for some, as the temp files are automatically stored on C: drive, which then gets stored in Volume Shadow Copies, if turned on.

End of Edit *******************************************************************************************

I have directories (folders) specified where to d/l torrents & torrent files. Of course, data is also stored in the dht.dat & resume.dat files.

But, I'm also seeing torrents (not full files) stored in Vista in C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp -

just in the temp root folder. The same torrents are also stored in the folders entered in Preferences>Directories.

Is there a way to stop it from storing torrents in unspecified locations?

Some files in the (non specified) temp folder only show hashes + .torrent extension. Others show full name of torrent file.


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So possibly it's either Firefox's d/l mgr or I usually use DownThemAll.

However, I've never noticed these torrent files in this temp location before - & I've looked at temp file names to del, using several diff temp file cleaning prgms over several yrs.

Possibly, Firefox or DTA or another prgm has changed its behavior about how it stores certain temp files.

I'll have to do more investigation, because there are other temp files in that specific folder, that aren't associated w/ Firefox.

Some of the temp files are pdf, that I use Foxit Reader for directly (not browser plugin). It's possible VLC player is creating some of them, though I would have notice that many torrent files in a temp folder if it had been going on for a couple yrs.

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Seems it is uT is working w/ Firefox in creating the temp torrent files in Vista in C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp

I cleared all temp torrent files, then downloaded ONE torrent w/ v3.1.0.26650. Just clicked on the "download torrent" button,& I suppose it's Firefox's native d/l mgr that pops up for a second, then disappears after torrent is through downloading.

It automatically created a temp file showing the hash of the torrent, in the temp folder mentioned, as well as saving to folder named in uT prefs.

After it d/l's the torrent, uTorrent automatically opens, asking if want to d/l the file.

However, if I use DownThemAll to initially d/l the torrent, it does. I have to browse to tell it which folder to put it in (same as entered in uT prefs). It does & finishes, & did NOT create a temp file as described before, but then uT does NOT automatically open. I have to click on Add Torrent, then select the torrent file in default uT directory.

Is there a way to NOT d/l the torrents w/ Firefox native d/l mgr (use something like DTA) & still have uT open automatically when torrent file is finished d/l? The goal is not create all those temp files in C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp.


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