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my documentary's torrent is not seeding nice


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Hello everyone.

My name is somewhere.

Last weekend I finished editing a documentary which I shot last year.

I used a tiny bit of music and now youtube blocked it in some countries.

While I'm working on hiding the music (it actually has some effect) I still wish to pursue the original goal.

(Pirate Bay)


I know it's not the best way but I like it.

Someone's already working on dropping it at Demonoid but I don't know him very well.

Till 2 feb this download is available: http://wtrns.fr/G7RU0kVM1KyOhAz

So is it possible to download the file and start seeding, using the trackers in the torrent on pirate bay?

An extra reason for torrent is to make it easy for my friends abroad to translate the subtitles.

The main reason is I don't want too much hypocrisy.

Greetings from Groningen (The Netherlands)

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